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Milford Haven Town Council


The following Councillors have accepted the Councillor Allowance for 2016/2017:


Councillor A. E. Byrne

Councillor R. D. Evans

Councillor E. R. Harries*

Councillor Mrs. J. Hawkins

Councillor A. H. Miles

Councillor M. J. Norman

Councillor D. R. Sinnett

Councillor Mrs. Y. G. Southwell*

Councillor Mrs. C. Stevens


* As respective Chairs of the Public Works and Planning and Finance and General Purposes Committees, these Councillors received £200.  The other Councillors listed above received £100.


The following Councillors have opted out of the Councillor Allowance for 2016/2017:


Councillor W. D. Elliott BA QTS (Mayor of Milford Haven 2016/2017)

Councillor C. A. Sharp (Deputy Mayor of Milford Haven 2016/2017)

Councillor S. G. Joseph (Immediate Past Mayor of Milford Haven - 2015/2016)

Councillor J. W. Cole

Councillor A. W. Eden

Councillor R. Gray

Councillor M. P. Rickard

Councillor Mrs. C. T. Williams

Councillor G. Woodham MBA (Open) LL.B (Hons)


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