**CITIZENS' AWARDS / YOUTH CITIZENS' AWARDS 2020** - please note that this is presently on hold due to the Coronavirus crisis

All pictures courtesy of Carol Best

20th MAY 2019





John Goldspink

Peter Griffiths

Norma Barlow, Jackie Davies, Pam McGillivray (Hubberston and Hakin Luncheon Club)



Cadet Sergeant Max Thompson



Bernard Prettyman


~The Citizens' Awards Ceremony 2019 took place on the evening of Friday 7th June~

Held annually at the Town Hall, the Citizens' Awards recognises outstanding achievements through voluntary service from individuals and groups in our community.


Nominations for the Citizens' Awards are invited every April, and recipients of the Awards are decided by the Milford Haven Town Council.


Previous recipients of Citizens' Awards are listed below:


1991: Mr. F. Davies, Mrs. Ewells, Mrs. M. Davies, Mr. T. W. H. Byard JP, Mrs. R. Rolstone, Mr. E. H. Gough

1992: Mrs. D. Miller, Mrs. M. Hackett MBE

1993: Mrs. D. Sinnett, Mr. D. J. Adams

1994: Mr. B. Burgoyne, Mrs. G. Foot, Mrs. D. Walter, Mrs. M. Jones

1995: Mr. R. Williams, Mr. J. & Mrs. D. Beckett, Lt. Col. D. Joyce, Mr. V. Lewis

1996: Mr. G. Lane, Mrs. S. P. M. Jones, Wing Commander K. & Mrs. D. McKay, Mr. S. Morris

1997: Mr. F. Newing KSG, Mr. G. Cornock

1998: Mr. P. Hancock, Mr. M. Hawkins, Mr. R. Richards

1999: Mr. A. L. John, Mrs. D. M. Davies

2000: Miss H. B. Duncan, Mr. F. K. A. Lowe

2001: Mr. J. Yeomans, Mrs. A. Picton

2002: Mrs. P. Richards, Mr. D. P. Thomas

2003: Mrs. W. Barnett, Mr. G. T. A. Roach

2004: Mr. J. S. Dunn, Mrs. M. I. Leach

2005: Mr. G. W. Roach, Mr. H. & Mrs. E. P. Davies

2006: Mr. R. F. Arnold, Mr. A. J. Grey, 1st Hakin Guides (Youth Award)

2007: Mr. D. N. Charles, Mr. D. M. & Mrs. J. D. Davies, Hybridz (Youth Award)

2008: Mr. W. R. J. Edwards, Mr. F. & Mrs. J. A. Stammars

2009: PC R. Hughes, Mr. W. J. H. Ireland MBE

2010: Mr. D. Horton, Mrs. L. E. J. Navas, Mrs. S. E. J. Daines

2011: Mrs. L. E. Brooks, Mr. R. F. & Mrs. G. F. Rickard

2012: Mr. W. A. Jones, Mr. G. A. Springer

2013: Miss G. Jones, CPO (SCC) B. Jenkins, PO CDT T. Lewis-Jones (Youth Award), PATCH Youth Volunteers (Youth Award)

2014: Mrs. M. Sizer, Mrs. S. Norman, Mrs. P. M. Farrar, Mrs. S. C. Kenny, PO Cadet D. S. Tucker (Youth Award), PO Cadet C. T. M. Snape (Youth Award)

2015: Mrs. D. M. Summons, LT (SCC) W. D. Elliott RNR, PO Cadet S. Claypole (Youth Award)

2016: Mrs. R. Davies, Mr. R. & Mrs. C. I. Duncan, PO (SCC) D. Farrow, Mr. E. R. Harries, C. A. Sharp & G. Woodham MBA (Open) LL.B (Hons), Cdt L/Cpl N. Hooper (Youth Award), Able Cadet H. L. Price (Youth Award), Milford Haven Junior Town Band (Youth Award)

2017: Mrs. C. Clayton, Miss B. Parratt, Mr. N. D. Roberts, Milford Haven Senior Section Unit (Part of Girlguiding Pembrokeshire) (Youth Award), Milford Haven Youth Council (Youth Award)

2018: Mr. A. Burgoyne, Mr. M. Lawlor, Mr. M. Llewellyn, Mr. D. Woodham, Leading Cadet J. J. Clarke (Youth Award), Leading Cadet D. J. Parry (Youth Award)


Posthumous Awards were awarded to Mr. W. Walters (2004), Mr. L. J. Jones (2008), Mr. A. T. Robertson (2016), Miss R. M. Bryant (2018) and Mrs. C. M. Etherington (2018)

The Class of 2018 - pictured at the Ceremony on Friday 8th June 2018 (pic: Fiona G.)
The class of 2017! The Mayor of Milford Haven 2017/2018, Councillor Colin Sharp, pictured with the recipients of the 2017 Citizens Awards at the Citizens Awards Ceremony on Friday 9th June 2017
The winners of the Citizens' Awards 2016 pictured in the Council Chamber.
The Mayor of Milford Haven 2016/2017, Councillor W. D. Elliott BA QTS, with a recipient of an Award in 2016, PO (SCC) Debbie Farrow
Recipients of the Citizens' Awards 2015, pictured with the Mayor and Mayoress of 2015/2016, Councillor Stephen Joseph and Mrs. Naomi Joseph


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