Milford Haven Town Council
Milford Haven Town Council
Milford Haven Marina at night


Milford Haven Town Council has existed in one guise or another since 1894.  It currently has eighteen Town Councillors who represent six Wards within the town.


Those six Wards are:



The Town Council holds a number of Meetings during the year, of which members of the public are able to attend but are not permitted to speak.


A calendar of upcoming Meetings and Minutes of previous Meetings can be found here


Signed Minutes of Meetings are available for public inspection at the Milford Haven Town Council offices by appointment with the Clerk.


Any matter concerning the town which a member of the public wishes to be discussed can be done through a letter to the Council or through a local Councillor who will then table the item on the next Agenda.


The class of 2017! The Mayor of Milford Haven 2017/2018, Councillor Colin Sharp, pictured with the recipients of the 2017 Citizens Awards at the Citizens Awards Ceremony on Friday 9th June 2017
Pictured at the Annual Inspection Evening of the Milford Haven Army Cadets
The Mayor, Councillor Colin Sharp, presenting a cheque for £1000 to Milford Haven School to help the School replace its current sound system (6th March 2018)
The Mayor, Councillor Colin Sharp, pictured with the Milford Haven Yarn Bombers on Monday 30th October 2017 (picture c/o Facebook)
The Mayor, Councillor Colin Sharp, and his Consort, Councillor Guy Woodham, pictured at Christmas Together 2017 (picture c/o Facebook)
The Mayor of Milford Haven, Councillor C. A. Sharp, spending a morning with the Talking Mercury - 19th May 2017
A number of our Councillors pictured at South Hook LNG on 15th November 2017 (picture c/o Colin Sharp, Facebook)
The Mayor of Milford Haven, Councillor C. A. Sharp, with Town and County Councillor D. R. Sinnett and Town Councillor T. Davies, helping to clean up at Howarth Close (July 2017)
Our Star Baker, Councillor Clare Williams, pictured at the Great Council Bake Off on Wednesday 23rd August 2017...
Watch out, Mary Berry! Our Councillor Lynne Turner is after your crown... Pictured at the Great Council Bake Off on Wednesday 23rd August 2017.
Holding a Tea Party at the Town Hall for supporters of the 2017 Delton Challenge -
Our Mayor, Councillor Colin Sharp, has made rather a beautiful new friend... (Pictured at the Magical Pony Rides with PAT Ponies at Milford Waterfront on Wednesday 23rd August 2017)
Rawr! Our Mayor, Councillor Colin Sharp, just hanging out with the Welsh Wrestlers, at one of his Charity events - 6th April 2018
Visiting PATCH... And a Hello to our lovely Councillor Tracy Olin! -- Picture © Jim Hughes, 102.5 Radio Pembrokeshire
Our Mayor in front of the Herald Radio mic at the Pembrokeshire County Show on 16th August 2017
Merry Christmas from Milford Haven! Santa is going to be busy!
A beautiful picture of the Rath in Milford Haven


Town Hall
Hamilton Terrace
Milford Haven
SA73 3JW


Tel: +44 01646 692505+44 01646 692505




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