If a Councillor leaves their seat during the course of their term, a casual vacancy occurs.  This could be as a result of a resignation of a Councillor, this disqualification (or ceasing to be qualified) of a Councillor, the passing away of a Councillor, or a failure of a Councillor to take up office.


When a Councillor's seat becomes vacant, the Town Clerk will notify the Elections Unit at the Pembrokeshire County Council.  The Clerk will display a Notice of Vacancy in the community.  The Notice explains that an election can be called by a request made in writing to the Returning Officer at the Pembrokeshire County Council by 10 electors from the area where there is a vacancy.  If an election is called, it must be held within 60 days of the notice.


If no request is received to call an election, the Town Council may then co-opt someone into the vacant seat.  This means that the Council can choose who they wish to appoint themselves, rather than holding an election.  The Notice of Vacancy must run its course before the Council has an opportunity to co-opt a new Councillor, and this gives electors in the area the chance to call an election if they wish.


If this vacancy occurs within 6 months of the date of the next scheduled Council elections then no election is held, and the seat may remain vacant until it is filled at the next elections, or the Council may choose to co-opt into the vacant seat.


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